Someone once said: “Night-time is for seeing the dreams, and daytime is for making them come true.” Kreatio was born when daytime occurred, and a dream became a reality.

So, what makes Kreatio unique?

Never before has a platform such as Kreatio ever been established. We aim to end the stigma attached to self-published work as inferior work. We want to join hands with writers and poets and walk the extra mile with them, up to when we can hand them over to the publisher, who has joined forces with Kreatio, and whom we gladly can recommend, enabling the self-publisher to publish a good quality book which they will be proud to share with others.

Your talent is a gift. Something bestowed upon you to share with others. You would not take an antique which has been gifted to you and bury it, and I certainly do not think that you would hide a light when surrounded by darkness. Your light starts to shine, and your purpose is met when you carefully unwrap your gift and share it with the world. Just like Kreatio, you too are uniquely gifted, therefore dynamic things start to happen when you join hands with Kreatio.

You spend an enormous amount of time exploring the art of your gift, and it should be carefully packaged once you decide to share it with the world. A special jacket is designed to dress your book in. Finer detail is given to the presentation and exposure and recognition is showcased.

Kreatio does not believe in stagnation but rather in growth. Therefore, you will be spoiled with many surprises which are on the horizon. All in recognising and developing you and your gift to its full potential.

We offer competitions to well-known as well as aspiring poets and writers, as new talent is discovered daily. We see the sun shining over everyone and aim to treat each individual in their unique likeness.

“If you don’t give up, you do not fail.” — Anonymous.

(Author: Patricia Viljoen)